Daily Distractions
Part 18
by Ophelia

Now, this is a morning after. Well, actually to be precise, for posterity’s sake...it’s the night after. Five o’ two now. And thirty-three seconds. Mmm-hmmm. Hey, allow me my moment, ‘kay? It’s a hell of a long time coming. Coming. Heh.

I look down at the girl curled in my arms, a ghost of a smile on her face, and can’t help the belly laugh that seems to bubble out from under me. Can’t keep myself from tightening my arms around her and plastering silly smacking kisses on her face, her neck, and a big one on her bare stomach, making her wake with wide eyes and giggles. She pouts at me. And I stick my tongue out at her, knowing she’s been awake for the past hour. “Jo, you’re so utterly and completely bad at lying. I knew you were faking.”

“Well, bully for you, Pace.” Her tone is jokingly hostile. She turns over on me, pulling herself up to kiss me soundly on the lips. She rests her head on my chest gingerly, her body cuddling into mine. “What’s the matter with you? Aren’t you tired?” She yawns and lazily trails a finger through the hair below my belly button. Mmmm.

“Not tired, no. Giddy? Yes. Thrilled to pieces? Sure. Ecstatic even? Maybe.” I can’t help the goofball grin I’m flashing at her, not in the least. Not even if my jaw is starting to hurt from smiling so much.

“You’re a nut.” She smiles and ruffles a hand through my hair. Her lips press against mine briefly and before I know it, she’s hovering over me in an attempt to leave.

“Where are you going?”


I reach up around her waist to pull her back down to me. “Stay.” Maybe I just don’t want anything to change, ‘cause right now we’re perfect. “Please,” I whisper.

“No,” she giggles, shaking her head. She holds a hand down to me, “Wanna come with me?”

Now, there’s a tempting offer. One that leaves us absolutely no chance of getting clean. But... “What about Bessie and Bodie?”

“Bessie’s been out shopping all day. Bodie’s at the restaurant,” she says, her voice low and sexy, “Won’t be back for hours.”

“Hmmm...well, we better make sure we’re really dirty before we take that shower, yeah?” I pull her down on top of me, feeling her breasts crush against my chest.

Kissing my way down her neck, it only barely dawns on me that the front door to the B&B opens. I didn’t even hear a car pull up. Then Joey moans as she rocks her hips over mine and for a minute there I don’t even hear the footsteps making their way down the hall.

“Pacey.” Joey’s eyes are drowsy and she smiles lazily, holding out a silver packet, jingling it between two fingers over me. “Let me?”


A voice in the background is a small concern when you’ve got your sexy naked girlfriend rolling a condom over your cock.

“Oh, hell, Jo.” She slides down onto me in a slow, smooth stroke. She doesn’t even seem nervous anymore. I guess after you paint your boyfriend naked in the middle of town, most everything else seems like a walk in the park...and why is our timing so damn bad?

“She must not be home yet,” Bodie says clearly. He’s nearing her room now and I can hear his footsteps firm on the hardwood floor. My hips still arch off the bed as Joey pulls off of me and thrusts back down harder. There’s a soft tap on the door. Bodie’s knocking. Fuck. “Jo?”

I look up at my girl and she seems a little preoccupied at the moment. Her eyes are shut tightly, her mouth opened, her lips swollen. Her dark hair falls into her face, sticking against her sweaty forehead. Her breasts bounce as she thrusts down on me again, shaking. I can’t breathe she’s so beautiful. And then she lets out this sound. This moan. It’s sexy and low, almost quiet. But not quiet enough to escape the notice of someone with his hand poised to knock against the other side of a flimsy little door.

She falls down on me, curling into my arms, as I thrust up towards her once more. And now I’m sure this will be the last time we have sex ever. Definitely the last time I have sex ever. Bodie’s gonna kill me.

Joey kisses my neck sweetly, oblivious to my impending death. And I hear Bodie call Bessie over to him. “Jo, I think-I think...we’re caught, hon.”

She yawns and rubs her cheek against my bare chest. “Shower time?”

“Bessie and Bodie are home.”

Her eyes open and her jaw drops. Her silence is overwhelming. The two of us merely sit up, staring slack-jawed at the closed door. I finally regain some feeling and squeezing Joey’s hand, I crawl out of bed. I pick my wrinkled boxers up off the floor and pull them on. I do the same with my t-shirt. Tiptoeing to the door like some cartoon character, I press my ear to the rough wood. All I can make out at first is a bunch of rapid fire footsteps. Pacing. Someone’s pacing in front of Joey’s bedroom.

“That’s it?” It’s Bodie. He sounds...tense. Joey stays in her bed, the covers now pulled up to her neck.

“What do you want me to do?” Bessie replies, half laughing.

“He’s in there.” I’ve become the “he” that will corrupt Joey. Take her down the path to ruin. It’s all there in Bodie’s tone. He’s gonna destroy me.

“Uh huh.” Bessie chuckles and I can picture her rolling her eyes. Potter girls.

“They’re together.” I wonder what Joey will wear to my funeral?

“It makes sex a lot easier if you’re in the same room.”

“Shouldn’t you at least give Joey a safe sex talk?”

“Alexander was Joey’s safe sex talk. But if you wanna go in and beat the crap out of Pacey for deflowering my sister go right ahead.” I shrink back from the door for a minute, and before I know it two warm arms snake around my neck from behind. Joey’s slipped into a tank top and a pair of my boxers. No doubt stolen from my room. I lean my head back into her shoulder, grateful for the support.

“Why aren’t you upset about this?”

“Pacey’s a good boy. She could do a lot worse. And I’m enjoying your discomfort.”

“This isn’t funny. He’s spending the night. Won’t anyone expect him at home?” There’s a silence that falls in the hallway. I sigh and Joey plants a kiss behind my ear.

Bessie’s voice rises and falls and I can’t quite make out everything being said anymore. Maybe that’s best. She says, “the one thing that isn’t funny. He lives with his...I imagine she won’t miss him if he doesn’t come home.”

Bodie slams a hand against the wall and I cringe. Joey disentangles her arm from my neck to wrap it around my waist. She traces a pattern on my stomach, her fingers snaking under my shirt. She whispers my name in my ear. She tells me she loves me. But despite her attempts at distraction, Bessie is loud and clear.

“Joey could have been just like that, can you picture it? We’re lucky we have a family. And as far as I’m concerned, Pacey can stay here as long as he likes. Someone should miss him when he doesn’t come home.”

And the world is once again perfect. Joey twists around me, curling into my lap. Her eyes shine.

“If I have to hear him tonight,” Bodie mutters, his footsteps retreating down the hall, “or her, oh God, I swear I’ll kill him.”

“What are you gonna do? Whip him with your best spatula?” Bessie’s laughter rings merrily in the air.

Joey smiles at me and rocks against me again. I’d rather not see Bodie on my way to the bathroom. “We better be quiet tonight,” I say solemnly.

She giggles and sticks her tongue out at me, stifling a moan when I catch it between my teeth.

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