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Disclaimer: None of the authors own Dawson's Creek or have anything to do with the show except for being fans. Dawson's Creek and their characters are properties of Kevin Williamson, the WB, and Sony/Columbia Tri-Star.

The stories are listed in alphabetical order according to the author's name.

Ashley Nicole
aka Shyly
Moving On

Study Sessions   Coming Home   Stranger Things Have Happened

Remembering, Reckoning, Revelation

Again   Forever   Till I Gain Control Again   A Case of You

I Envy The Wind   Still I Long For Your Kiss

It Had to Be You   Waiting For You   Days Like These

In A Heartbeat   Breathing Room   Renovations

After This   Weathering The Storm   The Beginning Of The End

Just One Night   Ghosts   Fairy Tale Endings

Lies We Tell Ourselves

Oops   Doubtful   The Favor   Just Breathe

Nowhere You Can't Find Me   Clear Blue Skies   Possession

Body Language   The End   Skin I Want To Kiss

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Crossing Paths   Rocking The Boat   Love & Basketball

Laura Smith
Check out Laura Smith's Dawson's Creek Archive.

Never Thought I'd Be Here

More Coming Soon...

Strictly Business

Check out Ophelia's Site.

Slow Speed Chase   The Last Picture Show   Coming Back

Wonder Why   Every Night You Stay   Over You

Daily Distractions   Five Years


At the End of the Dock

Steph & Sophia
If I Was The One

The Ocean Between Us   Divided   Ghosts

Various Writers
NEW Season 6: The Fanfic Alternative

Sign Your Name Across My Heart   Here In My Arms

Summer Diaries   Not For Me   The Sea of Waking Dreams

The Call   Very Hush Hush   Gone & Miami   This Carousel

Impressive Instant   The Place Where We Started From

I Feel You   Clean   Everywhere I Look   It's Been Awhile

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