Daily Distractions
Part 2
by Ophelia

Josephine Potter gave me a hand job. Joey Potter gave ME a hand job. Little Joey Potter from the wrong side of the damn creek gave me Pacey “Black Sheep” Witter a hand job. Oh my god. Jo touched me. At the Heidi Ho Mini Golf and Go. Damn.

I just got back from dropping her off at the B&B. I don’t really remember what happened after the Fourth Hole. I think I won. She kissed me as I helped her out of the station wagon. “I had a nice time tonight, Pace, ” she whispered, eyes shyly focused at her feet.

“Me too.” That’s an understatement.

“We should do more of that,” she breathes finally bringing her eyes up to mine, a blush rising on her cheeks.

“What miniature golf?” I say, arching an eyebrow.

“Paaacey,” she whines, a smile lifting her lips.

“I’ll just beat you again Potter. Next time you might end up wet.” I draw out the last bit and waggle my eyebrows suggestively. Then I tense, waiting for the inevitable jab to the ribs, as per usual. Which never comes.

“Maybe,” she whispers. Huh? She raises up on her toes and linking her hands behind my neck, softly brushing the hairs at the nape with her fingers, she rests her lips against mine once more. Her tongue licks at my lips twice, darts into my now opened mouth, touches my tongue, and then darts out again just as quickly. She then turns and heads up the steps to the porch and in the door of the B&B without looking back.

And now I’m in back in my bed thinking about Joey and what she did to me, and what she said I might be able to do to her. There aren’t enough cold showers in the world. I lie in my bed and think about the possibilities. I’m gonna make Jo wet alright. That’s the last coherent thought I can muster before sleep comes.

The next morning, I head over to the B&B in hopes of stealing my girlfriend away to act out some great dreams I had last night. Striding in the door, I no longer feel the need to knock, I see Bessie and Bodie already up with Alexander. Alex has managed to make a pretty good mess with his oatmeal, at least I assume it’s his, hard to say considering Bodie has it all over his gray tank.

“Bessie, Bodie morning. Hey Alex. I see you don’t like your old man’s choice of morning attire.”

“Funny Pacey.” Alex throws more oatmeal, hitting Bodie square in his opened mouth. Bodie spits out the mess, prompting Alex to do the same the next time Bessie tries to spoon some in his mouth.

“Now look what you did,” Bessie admonishes Bodie, rolling her eyes. Bodie shrugging, smiles and heads to the sink to clean up his tank. I take the opportunity to head toward Joey’s bedroom. Quietly, I turn the door knob and open the door to reveal a sleeping Joey.

She’s curled under her covers, and the light falls on her messy dark hair making it shine. Joey’s so beautiful when she sleeps. Nice to watch her when she’s not slouching or jabbing me in the ribs. I close the door behind me and crawl onto her bed, climbing in beside her. Pulling her towards me, the scent of her fills me, vanilla and rain and something else. She smells almost like freshly fallen snow. She sighs, but doesn’t open her eyes, instead turning to lean into my chest. “Morning, Pace.”

“Hey Jo.” Her arms are around me now and I’m in heaven. God this is my world. “I love you Potter.”

“Good. Me too.” She says in between yawns. Leaning forward she kisses my cheek, and then gets out of bed, despite my protests. “Morning breath,” she explains. I stay on her bed and close my eyes, listening to her pad over to the bathroom, hearing the sink and her toothbrush as she cleans her teeth. Then she steps back into the bedroom, closing the door behind her, and climbing on top of me. She leans down and her long hair drags along my chest. Her lips press firmly down on mine, her tongue requesting and gaining access into my mouth. She tastes like peppermint. We duel with each others’ tongues fighting for control, sucking on each other, biting, licking, and finally breaking apart gasping for breath. “Mmmm, good morning Pacey.”

“Good Morning Joey.” I sit up. “So what’s on the agenda for today? We could window shop, or go to the mall, a movie....or we could stay in bed all day.”

“Sorry Pace, I’ve got plans. We’ve got plans.”

“We do?” She gets off the bed and heads towards her closet. I now take time to notice her morning attire, a strappy cream tank with small burgundy roses on it and a pair of blue plaid flannel boxers. My boxers. She must’ve taken those with her at the end of our summer on True Love. Her legs are long and shapely and I want her. As always.

“Yes we do. I am going shopping with Jen and Jack, as are you. We’re going to the mall for a day of teenage normalcy.”

“Normalcy?” She pulls a gray sweater and a pair of jeans out of her closet, throwing them on her bed. “Since when do we do normal? What happened to the regularly scheduled programming? The classic miscommunication followed by the patented make up scene down at the romantically lit docks. I’m getting really good at the apologies and I had a new one all practiced for this evening.”

“Pacey, if you keep apologizing like a whipped dog you’re going to start bordering on the unattractive.” She throws a smirk over her shoulder and turns towards her dresser, pulling out some lacy underthings. I had no idea she had those. Why didn’t I know that? Pulling out a gray cotton bra and a pair of gray cotton string bikinis, she throws the flimsy sheer things back into the drawer. Now this is more of what I expect of Joey’s lingerie collection. I keep watching her, waiting to get kicked out of her room. She pulls a pair of socks out and I stare at her, still waiting. Instead she pulls her tank over her head and now I’m faced with her bare back. This is new. She turns and grabs her bra calmly and I get a glimpse of her breast in profile. Then her bra is on and I’m staring at gray cotton, thinking maybe I imagined the nudity. Until she moons me. Then the same boring cotton. What? Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut. Seems to be working so far. She finishes dressing quickly, pulling on the gray sweater and jeans. “Pace?” She asks hesitantly. And there’s the Joey Potter I’ve known all my life. Uncertain and blushing furiously.

“I enjoyed the strip show Potter. How many apologies do I owe you now?”

“No apologies Pace. Just shopping with Jack and Jen.”

“I’m sorry, Joey,” I whisper pitifully, pouting my lower lip, “Please don’t make me go shopping.” I jump over her bed and kiss her on the lips soundly. “Pretty please?”

“No cherry on top?”

“If you want to be on top, that’s fine with me...” Maybe that was too far. But I like seeing her beet red. She glares at me for a few minutes and I’m a little worried. Within seconds, she’s running into me, throwing me back on her bed and straddling my thighs.

“You better believe I’ll be on top,” she promises, her glare melting into a seductive smile. “But first, we are going shopping. With Jack and Jen. And you better behave Mr. Witter or we’ll be sampling new perfumes on your arm.”

“Yes Maam,” I agree, my breathing unsteady. She leans forward and kisses me, trailing her hand along my clavicle. Oh, the mall is going to be just great.

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