Days Like These
Part 16
by DeepBlueSea

Pacey heard Joey’s truck pulling into his driveway and made his way through the house to meet her on the front porch.

“Hey.” He said smiling as she came up the stairs and into his arms. He bowed his head to kiss her, mumbling against her lips. “How was your day?”

“Good.” She smiled. Kissing him lightly again, she asked. “And yours?”

Pacey sighed, running his hands through her hair, kissing her cheek and then moving back to her mouth. “It’s getting better by the minute…” He pressed his lips to hers, kissing her again for a long moment before pulling away and grabbing her hand. “C’mon in.”

“Wow.” Joey raised her eyebrows upon seeing the pots and pans on the stove and food spread out on the counter as they entered the kitchen. “Look at all this…” She turned to watch him move past her and go over to stir something in one of the pots. “Let me help – what do you need me to do?”

He turned to grin at her over his shoulder. “I told you I was going to make you dinner, Jo. You just do what you do best and sit there and look pretty.”

She just smirked at him, shaking her head. Walking over to come up behind him, she rested her hands on his hips, crushing her breasts against his back as she leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. She let her hands run up his sides for a moment, lightly tickling the warm skin just under his shirt with her fingertips.

“Oh, guess what happened when I was at the gallery today…” She exclaimed, walking away now as she patted his back. Pacey just looked over his shoulder to listen to her story, glad that he had the excuse of facing the stove while he was cooking as his body had immediately reacted to even that simple contact with her. They had been doing this dating thing for a couple of weeks now, and things had been moving along nicely but they still hadn’t quite sealed the deal. They had come close, most notably the first night on the porch of the Potter B&B, but he had finally got a hold of his senses and realized how wrong that might be for so many different reasons – not the least of which being the fact that they would probably still be dragging the creek for his body parts if Bodie had ever come out and caught them. In the end, however, he knew that if they were going to do things right and give themselves a real chance here, they needed time to figure it all out and they had already agreed that in order to do that, they needed to go slow. Jumping into sex right away had seemed to him to be a sure way to confuse and complicate matters.

Not that they hadn’t done other things – some very, very nice things - but now it was getting to the point where Pacey was – quite literally - having a hard time even being in the same room with her. He watched her now as she raised her arms to lift her long hair off the back of her neck while she talked, her little t-shirt riding up her body to reveal her flat stomach and just the top of the curves of her hips. He groaned to himself, turning back to the stove. Even after all these years and all that had passed between them, having sex with Joey still could never just be about having sex.


“That was really good.” She sighed, leaning back to lie against him on the couch as he wrapped his arms around her. He just smiled and leaned down to kiss her neck. “Next time it’s my turn, though. I want to cook for you.” She said, patting his leg.

Pacey chuckled, still nuzzling her neck. “That’s really not necessary, Jo.”

“Hey!” She sat up, turning to face him. “I have gotten much better, I’ll have you know.” Pacey just looked back at her, amused. She mock-scowled at him, turning her whole body and leaning her hands on either side of him so that she was pretty much laying on top of him now. “I might surprise you…” She smiled down at him and slowly raised an eyebrow.

Pacey just looked up her, bringing his hands to her face and guiding her down to him for a kiss. Joey sighed as his tongue immediately invaded her mouth, and she felt his hands travel down her body to rest on her backside. He shifted slightly on the couch as the kiss deepened and the familiar heat rose up between them, so that she was now lying between his legs. She felt how hard he was getting and she just gently rocked her hips forward at the same time he curved his hands around her and tentatively pulled her in against him.

They broke apart, breathless, and just looked at each other.

“I want to stay here tonight…with you.” She finally whispered.

“Are you sure?” Pacey’s voice was low and husky as he reached up the brush the hair off her face to see her eyes.

“Yes, Pacey…” She sighed as she watched his face. “Don’t you want me to?”

Pacey could only nod in response, pulling her back down into another kiss. His tongue swirled around hers, tasting and feeling every inch of her mouth as he slowly sat up, his hands still curved around her ass, holding her against him. When they reached sitting position, Joey wrapped her arms around his shoulders and rocked her hips again, slowly rubbing her body against his hardness. Pacey groaned, moving to kiss her neck, and then placed his hands on her waist, gently easing her off him and helping her to stand up with him.

He took her hand, kissing it, and led her upstairs. The little house had originally been built as just a summer cottage and some owner along the way added this bedroom to the unfinished second floor. The big bed sat under the eaves of the roof, the wooden beams broken up by two skylights on either side. It was almost like being inside the hull of some big boat. Joey smiled as she looked around. She loved this room.

Pacey was moving behind her now, resting one hand on her waist and rubbing small circles over her stomach with the other as he lowered his lips to her neck. Joey tilted her head to give him better access and leaned back against him, closing her eyes and just enjoying the feel of being here with him in this moment. His kisses made their way up and across her cheek and she slowly turned to meet the heat of his mouth with hers. As they kissed again, their tongues sliding against each other, his hands slowly traveled up her body, feeling every inch of her, and she sighed into his mouth. Breaking away, Joey took a step back. Pacey just watched her as she reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and slowly pulled it up and off, tossing it to the side. She watched his eyes darken with desire as her hands moved to the zipper of her jeans and she eased them down and off as well.

His eyes drifted over her now, his mouth slightly open. “God…you are so beautiful…” He sighed, his voice husky. Joey moved back towards him as he reached over and just lightly ran his hands up and down her bare arms, still not able to take his eyes off her. She leaned up to kiss him and he brought his hands to her face. Reaching for his shirt, she briefly broke the kiss to pull it off his body, then ran her hands slowly down the muscles in his chest and stomach and felt them tense under her touch.

Pacey backed her up to the bed then, gently easing her down until he was partially on top of her, raised up on his forearms. He kissed her once on the lips, quickly moving down to kiss and gently suck on the smooth skin of her neck, taking his time there and seeking out all the places she loved, and then he moved even lower still. Joey closed her eyes and moaned when she felt his warm mouth finally close over her breast.

He kissed his way slowly down her stomach and lightly ran his tongue along the heated skin just above her panty line, causing Joey to gasp a bit. Hooking his fingers under them, he pulled them down as Joey raised her hips up a bit to help him, her breath now catching in her throat. She closed her eyes in anticipation and felt nothing for a moment. Then suddenly his mouth was on her, his tongue gently gliding along her, flicking over her and then sliding inside her. Joey groaned and her hips involuntarily bucked and lifted off the bed. Pacey placed his hand on her lower stomach, gently pushing her back down and holding her there, caressing her stomach with his hand as he continued his ministrations below. Joey arched her back, reaching down to his shoulders with a moan to urge him back up to her. He kissed her gently and she could still taste a faint trace of herself on him.

“Tell me what you want…” He whispered against her lips, the familiar words and timbre of his voice only fueling the fires of her desire.

“I want you…inside me.” Joey could barely speak now, mesmerized by him. He pulled back to rise up on his knees, unzipping his jeans and reaching over to his nightstand. Joey watched him as he pulled a condom out of the drawer and toss into on the bed. He dropped his pants to the floor and came back to her mouth again. Joey placed her hands firmly on his broad shoulders and he let her roll him onto his back. Then gripping her hips in his large hands, he helped her climb on top of him.

Joey ran her hand over his length once as she reached for the condom. Her hands were shaking at this point and Pacey, seeing this, carefully took it from her. He sat up, bringing his knees up as well so that she was resting against his legs. He kissed her hands, then tenderly reached up to hold her face and just look at her. She swallowed back the lump in her throat and nodded, seeing the question in his blue eyes. He grasped the back of her hair in his hand and kissed her again, just slowly and lazily probing her mouth with his tongue, his unhurried pace setting her at ease and his warm touch melting her. After a moment, she leaned forward, pressing him back down onto the bed without breaking the kiss. He rolled the condom on and then moved his hands back to her hips. She guided herself along the length of him, finally sliding down on him, taking him in inch by achingly slow inch. They both moaned at the sensation, and then Pacey gripped her hips tighter and helped her lift off him again, bringing her back down as he thrust up, and she gasped as she took him in even deeper still.

Pacey looked up her, breathless. The feel of being inside her again after so long, feeling her muscles clench around him, so perfectly hot and tight and wet, was almost more than he could handle. He looked up at her body, the swell of her breasts bouncing with her movements. She was moving at a deliciously slow pace, finding her rhythm while just taking in as much of him in as possible. He continued to thrust his hips up to meet her and guide her with his hands. She had such an indescribable look of pleasure and concentration on her face that he had to close his eyes for a minute to fight the urge to just throw her over and drive himself into her - the memories of what it was like to watch her lose control flooding his brain and the feelings of what it was like to lose himself inside her assaulting his senses. She began to speed up her movements now and he heard the telltale hitch in her breathing. He reached down to lightly caress her where their bodies met, watching her face. Joey moaned his name as she threw her head back.

She collapsed on top of him and Pacey wrapped his arms around her, kissing her and just waiting until she stopped trembling. He then rolled her over on to her back in one swift movement, thrusting inside her again, deepening his strokes. He continued at a steady rhythm, covering her mouth with his to trap her moans between them and matching the pace of his thrusts with his tongue. Joey instinctively began to rock her hips back against his, meeting his thrusts, and he increased the speed and force of his strokes. She clung to him, digging her fingernails into his back, and pulled her mouth from his to arch her neck back onto the pillow and cry out as her second orgasm over took her. He buried his face in her hair with a groan as he found his release as well.

Pacey eased himself off to the side with a sigh, throwing one arm over her and pulling her in closer, kissing her on the shoulder. Joey sighed as well, adjusting her body so she could get comfortable as she snuggled up next to him. She turned to face him and they just smiled sleepily at one another, both still out of breath. He brushed the tip of his nose along hers and placed soft, lingering kisses on her lips as he touched her face, then her hair, the residual heat still there between them.

“I love you.” Joey sighed between his kisses.

Pacey seemed to hesitate for just a second, then slowly kissed her again, wrapping his arms around her and settling in next to her. Joey waited a moment, but he said nothing. Turning to face slightly away from him, she gazed out at the stars visible through the skylight with a small frown, wondering if he had heard her - then wondering how he could not have. Pacey nuzzled her neck for a moment longer, but then rolled onto his back, rubbing his eye with the palm of his hand, and just gazed up at the ceiling.

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