Days Like These
Part 5
by DeepBlueSea

Bessie pulled her car into the first available parking spot she found downtown, knowing that she was lucky to even find one on a busy Saturday morning in Capeside. She got out of the car and started across the street to the market, slowing down as she glanced over her shoulder at the marina. She saw the blue Jeep sitting in the parking lot by the dock and she smiled to herself as she turned around and started walking towards the water.

Pacey had just finished a meeting with some town council members regarding docking time limits, and was happy to get out of there without wasting his whole day. He whistled to himself as he made his way across the parking lot, stopping when he heard someone calling out to him. Rolling his eyes, he turned slowly, thinking that he had not been so lucky after all and someone had thought of another issue to discuss. He smiled though when he saw the familiar face.

“Hey, Bessie.” He grinned walking over to where she was standing on the street. “How’re you doing?”

“Good…” She smiled, drawing out the word slowly. “Are you working today?”

“Eh – just a few things that I had to do this morning. I’m done now.” He grinned again, his eyes sparkling mischievously. “So, what’s Bodie up to today?”

Bessie mock-scowled at him. “He’s doing stuff for me around the house today, so don’t you dare think you’re going to steal him away for any of your reindeer games.”

Pacey shook his head and laughed.

Bessie eyed him for a minute. “But if you are looking for someone to spend your Saturday with, I think I know someone who really needs to get out of the house.”

Pacey looked at her, his blue eyes serious now. “I’ve been wanting to call or stop by…we all have – Jen, too.” He shrugged. “I just figured I’d give her a little time to settle in.”

“Oh, she’s settled.” Bessie rolled her eyes. “Other than the times she goes out for a run, she has been parked on my couch all week” She met Pacey’s eyes, her voice softening. “You should come by.”


Bessie pushed the door open with her shoulder, carrying grocery bags in her arms, and saw Joey sitting in her baggy sweats on the couch, chin in one hand and the remote control in the other, her hair pulled up in a messy ponytail on top of her head.

“Joey?” She called over to her “Guess who I ran into downtown?”

Joey sighed and looked over, her face instantly brightening as she saw Pacey walk in the door behind Bessie carrying the rest of the grocery bags.

“Hey!” She greeted him with a wide smile.

“Hi there.” He smiled back. He went to put the bags on the kitchen counter and walked over to her, standing next to the couch with his hands on his hips to see what was on the TV. “Candlepin bowling?” He raised an eyebrow, looking at her.

Joey shrugged. “Bessie is too cheap to get any good cable stations.”

“Well…I’m sure this is just fascinating, but if I can drag you away from it, I was going to see if you felt like doing something.”

Joey tilted her head to look at him with a little grin. “Such as?”

Pacey shrugged, “I need to take a ride up to that marine supply store in Wellfleet. I was going to see if you felt like taking a ride with me and we can stop and get lunch somewhere.” He smiled, his blue eyes shining warmly at her. “You can tell me what you’ve been up to for the past 6 years.”

Joey smiled, shaking her head at him. She glanced down at herself. “Umm, yeah. Just give me a second to change.” She jumped off the couch and disappeared into her bedroom. Pacey smiled, watching her go and then glanced around the room. He had, of course, been at the B&B on several occasions over all these years that she had been in California with Dawson, but the place had just never seemed the same without her.

When Joey finally emerged from her bedroom, Pacey was leaning against the kitchen counter talking to Bessie. He quickly straightened up when he saw her. She was wearing black pants and a simple white t-shirt, but they fit her sleek form in such a way that he was left standing there for a moment with his mouth hanging open. She still had her hair pulled back, but she had brushed and smoothed it out. She was wearing just a hint of make-up on her face, enough to accentuate her wide eyes. “I’ll just see you later, Bess.” She pulled on a long sweater coat and then wrapped a small scarf around her neck. “Ready?” She smiled at him, already heading towards the door.

“Uh…yeah.” Was all Pacey could say as he began to follow her out, waving his good-bye to Bessie. Joey turned to him in the doorway. “See this scarf?” She held up the beaded material. “Jen gave it to me from her store. What do you think? It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is.” Pacey smiled down at her.

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