Days Like These
Part 19
by DeepBlueSea

The sun was starting to sink in the summer sky as Pacey watched the ferry pull up to the dock from where he was sitting on the hood of his Jeep. He saw her almost immediately, making her way down the ramp as she hiked her heavy art bag up over her shoulder. The glow from the sunset lit up her face, her cheeks round and tanned, and bounced off the highlights in her long hair. She looked up as she made her way up to the street, hesitating when she saw him there and their eyes met. “There’s my girl…” He sighed softly to himself, sliding off the hood and walking over to meet her.

She fidgeted slightly where she stood, playing with the strap on her bag. “Hey.” She smiled a little when he reached her, her voice soft and surprised.

He smiled, dropping his head a little. “Hey.” He bit his lip, looking at the ground and then back to her face. “I’m sorry about last night, Jo. I’m sorry I just left like that. I’m an idiot.” He shrugged.

She considered this, nodding her head. “Yeah. I thought we already established that a long time ago.” She replied slowly as she narrowed her eyes, smiling uncertainly. He looked at her quickly and they both grinned. Then she whispered, “I’m sorry, too, Pace.”

He ran his hand over his head, chuckling. “Um, so maybe we set a bit of an unrealistic goal with the starting over plan. Guess it’s kind of hard to overlook that whole history thing we have going on, huh?”

“I guess it is more a part of us than we realized.” Joey nodded. They held each other’s gaze for a long moment.

“It wasn’t all bad though.” Pacey said finally.

“No, some of it was pretty great.” Joey agreed.

“So, now what…?” Pacey asked.

“Hmm.” Joey considered this a moment. “We could try just agreeing to accept it all – the good and the bad – and just move forward from here.” She raised her voice at the end hopefully.

Pacey thought about it. “Well…” He sighed. “That sounds like a pretty drastic and radical concept, but – hey – you’re the college graduate here, so who am I to argue?”

They smiled at each for a long moment. Then Pacey reached over to take her art bag off her shoulder, slinging it over his back to carry it for her, and motioned for her to follow him to his Jeep parked behind them.


Pacey threw his keys onto the kitchen counter as they walked into the house. “I’ll just change and we can go grab some dinner somewhere, if you want.”

“That sounds good.” Joey nodded, following him in slowly. She stood by the kitchen table and Pacey came over to drop her bag down on one of the chairs. He leaned over her with it, his arm just barely touching her shoulder. He slowly pulled back, standing just inches from her now, and took a strand of her hair between his fingers, playing with it and then gently tucking it behind her ear, just wanting to be close to her for a minute. Joey raised her head to look up at him, the tip of her nose brushing against his as he lowered his head a little. He opened his mouth to say something and she lifted her fingers, touching them to his lips to stop him.

“I’m not going to say this because I’m expecting anything from you in return…” She whispered slowly, holding his gaze. “But I need you to know that I’m in love with you, Pacey.”

He sighed heavily, almost as if in defeat, looking down at the floor.

“I want to be the person that makes you happy…” She whispered again, pressing her lips to his.

He tentatively kissed her back, slowly parting her lips and then sighing as she opened her mouth to him. He gently sucked her bottom lip between his, tasting her then letting her go just to bring his lips to hers again, as if he was just taking small sips of her. He then thrust his tongue slowly into her mouth and the kiss fell into their familiar, delicious pattern and Joey moaned softly, needing more of him. He wrapped his arms around her, lifting her to sit on the kitchen table behind her as he moved to her neck. She tilted her head, moving with him to brush her cheek against the stubble on his face as his warm, open-mouthed kisses made their way down towards her shoulder. She ran her hands down his strong back, opening her legs and pulling him into her. Hooking his fingers in the strap of her sundress, he took it down slowly, following it with his mouth. He brought his hand up to her breast, running his palm over the peak and then lowering his head even further to close his mouth down around her over the light cotton fabric of her dress.

Joey reached down between them to unbuckle and unzip his pants, taking him in her hand and slowly and deliberately stroking his length. Pacey moved his mouth back up, groaning softly and biting down on the soft skin where her neck met her shoulder. His hands trailed up her tanned thighs, pushing up her dress as he went. Tracing his fingers along the lacy material of her panties, his thumb gently stroked her over the fabric. Joey groaned, gripping his waist tightly as the sensation ran through her whole body, then she composed herself long enough to push his pants down over his hips. He moved his hand lower, edging her sheer panties out of the way and slowly gliding his finger along her before sliding one, then another inside her. Applying light pressure with his thumb he continued to stroke her, feeling her hips start to rock against his hand.

“Pacey…” She cried out softly into his ear, clinging to his shoulders now. At the sound of her voice, he ripped the sheer fabric from her body, gripping her hips and entering her with a single thrust. She gasped and wrapped her legs around him as their hips rocked urgently against each other. Pacey closed his eyes, burying his face in her neck, giving himself over to her. She had already been so close to the edge that she came almost immediately in a long moan against his skin, biting down on his shoulder. Pacey continued his thrusts until he emptied himself into her with a groan, sliding his hands from her hips to her lower back, holding her tightly to him.

They stayed like that for a few minutes before Pacey gently started to nuzzle her, softly kissing the smooth skin of her neck. Joey smiled, tilting her head and slightly lowering her shaking legs, careful to keep him still inside her.

“Is it okay if we just order a pizza?” He mumbled against her skin, sighing as he made his way up to her mouth, running his hand along her thigh.

“Um…” Joey sighed as well, giggling as he nibbled at the skin behind her ear. “Sure…why?”

“Because I think I need to take you upstairs right now and do this several more times.” He chuckled, finally reaching her mouth to kiss her.


Pacey followed Joey around the kitchen of the B&B as she packed bottles of water and sunscreen into her bag. He shadowed her every moment, sighing dramatically every now and again.

“That’s not going to help me move any faster.” She snapped at him over her shoulder.

“This is my one weekend off all summer, Potter. I want to get out on the water.”

“You’re out on the water every day.” She reminded him, looking through her bag to recheck its contents.

“Not with you, though.” He said sweetly, resting his hands on her hips from behind and leaning in to kiss her lightly on the cheek. She bit her lip, trying not to smile, her irritation with him from just minutes before dissolving away in an instant.

“Where are you guys going again?” Bessie asked, sitting at the table with her morning coffee.

“We are sailing down to Block Island and staying there for the night.” Pacey grinned, quickly taking Joey’s bag from her hands and trying to head out to his Jeep before she grabbed it back, lightly smacking him on the arm.

“Don’t rush me or I’m going to forget something.” She began to dig through her bag again, pulling a tiny string bikini out of her way as she continued to evaluate her belongings. Pacey’s mouth felt open slightly as he stared at it in her hand, quickly recovering with a blush and a sheepish grin as he caught Bessie raising a warning eyebrow at him over her coffee mug.

“Now see…” Joey muttered. “I forgot your hockey shirt that I sleep in…”

Pacey raised a cocky eyebrow and grinned, opening his mouth to reply, but then caught the deadly look Bessie was shooting at him from the table. Catching himself, he ducked his head quickly. “Umm…I’ll go get it for you, Jo.” He mumbled contritely, starting for her room, happy to have a reason to excuse himself.

“It’s sitting right on top of my folded laundry, Pace…in the basket by my closet.” She called out, her head still buried in her bag.

Pacey jogged into her room, grabbing the shirt and tossing it playfully into the air a few times as he turned to go back to the kitchen. He dropped it and when he went to pick it up, he saw the painting leaning against the closet door. He stopped short, just staring at it with his mouth open.

Bessie came into the room then. “She forgot to pack any sweatshirts. It’s going to get cold out there…” She walked over to Joey’s bureau, looking at Pacey over her shoulder. Following his gaze, she smiled. “Joey tells me that is a painting of a memory of hers. Do you remember it? She tells me you were there too.”

Pacey just bit his lip and nodded, his eyes still moving over the canvas. “Did she just do this one?” He asked softly.

“No.” Bessie shrugged, shaking her head as she walked past him out of the room with the sweatshirts in her arm. “I guess she did it for a class she took out in California last year.”

Pacey glanced after her, surprised, before he looked back at the painting.

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