Season 6: The Fanfic Alternative

Disclaimer: We own nothing. Not characters or anything else from Dawson's Creek. Not any of the songs. Nothing. There may be a reference here or there to a product/store but that's just cuz we like said product/store. We make no money. And we certainly don't have any of money. Don't sue. But if there are any ideas that the actual show wants to use, feel free. We don't mind.

Rating: R (just in case)

Summary: Basically, a group of writers got together and decided to write Season 6 the way they would want it, especially if this is the last season. There may be some minor spoilers.

Note: We started this fanfic project because at the beginning of Season 6, the show didn't seem to be heading in a direction that any of us wanted. But thankfully, in the end, we got our ending which sort of defeated the purpose of this project. I hate that we are going to leave this fic where we do, but it would have ended happily ever after with Pacey and Joey sailing off into the sunset. Maybe one day we'll change our minds, but for now, this fic will remain unfinished indefinitely.

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