605: Bypass
A Summary

Note: This chapter was never finished but here's the outline so you'll understand what's going on before reading 606.

Posted on 11/07/03


Jen, Jack and Eric are out having pizza. They're expecting Audrey any moment now and have managed to convince Pacey to come with them, hoping to take his mind off his dad's illness. Jen has promised Pacey a quiet, relaxing night with friends. Jack and Eric talk about their upcoming exams. Just as Pacey has started to calm down and open up about his concerns, Audrey arrives, her entire theatre troupe in tow. Chaos ensues to credits.

Act I:

Joey is on the phone with Bessie in her dorm room, discussing wedding details. Dawson is propped on her bed, eavesdropping and throwing pointed looks her way. When she finally gets off the phone, she turns back to Dawson with a "don't say it" look. He brings her dad up anyways and she attempts to distract him. Dawson continues with his belief that she'll regret not reaching out to her father. Joey leaves the room for some fresh air.

acey is in Audrey's room. (insert Amy's scene here) She is irritated that he wasn't friendlier to her theater troupe. She wants him to understand how important this is to her. He makes a comment about the "pot calling the kettle black." He excuses himself and leaves, running right into Joey on his way out. She had been coming to see Audrey.

Joey and Pacey have a brief conversation, mainly centered around his father. Pacey wants to be home for him during the surgery, but his dad has requested he stay in Boston with school and his job. Joey says she thinks it's really nice he wants to be there for his dad...but, maybe the best way to do that is to obey his father's wishes. She pauses for a moment as Pacey begins to head down the hallway and calls after him. She's had a change of heart and says something to this effect. "Screw it, Pace. Do whatever your heart tells you. You have a good heart." He smiles, nods and leaves.

oey starts back for Audrey's room, pauses and turns back to her own room. Joey is left, indecisive in the hallway.

Act II:

Jen is practicing her pitch to have David write an article on the school kid that was beaten. Grams is listening, patiently, while changing to go meet her friends for lunch. Grams points out that while the pitch is lovely, Grams would be happy to do anything for Jen. She urges Jen to just, "ask the boy, already."

David is getting ready for the day while listening to Pacey talk to his dad on the phone. David asks Pacey what he's gonna do. Pacey replies that he isn't really sure, but that he did get some good advice from a friend. David nods thoughtfully, but says nothing. He mentions that Jen left a message on their machine, for him. She wants to meet him for lunch. He fishes tentatively for info from Pacey, who has none to give him, but does give him a thumbs up.

Grams has lunch with her old cronies and discovers some unpleasant things about herself in the process. She tells them about Clifton and recalls old behavior.

Jen shows up for lunch with David. He greets her happily, only to be pounced on with Jen's much practiced sales pitch. It is clear from his expression (his face falls to the floor) that he showed up expecting a date, not a business offer of sorts. Which is how Jen treats it. In her haste to get him to agree to write the article she doesn't even treat him in a friendly manner, instead antagonizing him to a point where he refuses to write the article and leaves hurriedly.

Act III:

Jack and Eric study with incentive. Cute, flirty scene. Jack leaves, saying he's agreed to do this chaperoning thing for the Boys and Girls Club. Eric is heading to work.

Grams comes home, just as the boys are leaving, Jack lets Grams know Clifton has been waiting for her. (Insert Amy's scene here. With suggested line change, possibly.)

Bessie and Joey are on the phone again. This time, Joey is busy with her school work while on the phone. She's also watching the clock for her marina job. Bessie pushes all the right buttons (mentioning Joey wearing the wire to turn her father into prison) and Joey lashes out. She lets Bessie know that her precious father has a whole new family and doesn't need them (relating the Father's Day she went to see him). Bessie still thinks they should reach out to him. Joey hangs up, near tears at the further wedge driven between her and her sister. She is clearly feeling stressed and isolated.

Pacey is pleasantly surprised when Jack shows up at the museum, a gaggle of kids in tow. They have a great time with the kids and with each other, rekindling a friendship.

Act IV:

Joey arrives home from a long day of school. She is busy working on a project for her studio class, studying for yet another exam, writing a paper and organizing a group of files for the museum. And she's falling asleep while doing it. Dawson has left several messages on her machine. Pacey has left one as well.

Grams is making a trip down to Capeside. She's bringing Pacey with her, as he's decided to be with his family for a few days, post-surgery. (Check 606 for continuity) Pacey is waiting for Joey to return his phone call before they leave. Dawson is also in the house, waiting for a return on his many phone calls. Joey makes a call....to Pacey. He lets her know where he's headed, thanking her for her advice and wondering if she's like to tag along and see her sister. He explains he's only going down for the day.

Grams/Bessie scene. Pacey/family scene.

Joey shows up reluctantly at the B&B front door. Her sister comes to the door, Grams behind her. Face to face, Joey's whole countenance crumbles into tears. Bessie hugs her sister and it becomes clear that all will be forgiven...even if not exactly forgotten. They're quietly talking as the episode ends...Bessie inquiring as to how things are going...indicating that Bessie is the only one Joey has confided in about her extra job. Joey pauses for a moment, considering telling Bessie she's in over her head, or getting close to that point, then smiles her half smile and says this, "I missed the water."

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