Body Language
by Kaytee

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Author’s Note:  This is a “missing scene” fic set after the last scene in Hopeless.  Thank you to my beta baby bijal, who probably thought this was fluke #875.  Thank you to LAHra, who got this little camper to buck up and write due to her incessant nagging.  Thank you to Cathy and Kate, who sent such amazing feedback for Possession.  Thank you to the MBTVers who've welcomed me into their midst.  Thank you all.

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Entangled together on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket and each other, they watched late-night television.  Or rather, he watched television.  Resting her chin on his chest, she breathed in his scent and she watched him. 

He was engrossed in Conan‘s monologue, lying beneath her with one arm raised and tucked behind his head.  The weight of his other arm draped across the small of her back was comforting.  His face was illuminated by the glow of the television and she studied his features. 

Beautiful.  Eyes so blue there were days she couldn’t distinguish the color from that of the sky, crinkling up in the corners when he laughed at the host’s corny punchline.  Skin that bore several nicks and scars from a childhood rougher than most experienced, that she knew was softer and smoother to the touch than it appeared to be.  A nose she loved to kiss the tip of, the very same nose she’d teased him for while growing up.  Lips that knew the taste of her secrets. 

A surge of heat swept through her veins as she became increasingly aware of the feel of his body beneath hers. 

Feeling her eyes on him, he turned his attention away from the program and looked up at her.  Her expression was unreadable in the faint light and he opened his mouth to voice his question as a commercial darkened the screen and therefore the room.  Her lips touched his before he had the chance to ask.

Her mouth carressed his own ever so lightly, once and then again as she kissed him softly.  When she lifted her head for a moment, the room brightened long enough for him to see the growing desire in her heavy-lidded gaze. 

Lowering his arm from beneath his head, he threaded his fingers through the silk of her hair as she leaned in again.  His mouth opened under hers and the kiss became liquid as her tongue slipped past his lips to slide along his own.  She kissed him thoroughly, the warmth provided by the blanket quickly becoming overbearing.

She pulled back for a moment, long enough to shove the blanket off and kick it to the floor.  Picking up the remote, she muted the sound and dropped it carelessly to the floor.  She brought a hand up to touch his face when she sought his mouth again.  Shifting sideways so that her body only rested partially on top of his, her fingers found the hem of the first of his two shirts and slid beneath.

His stomach tightened under her touch, his skin incredibly warm and smooth as she slid her hand upward.  When her fingers brushed one of his nipples, a gasp tore his mouth from hers and she stared into his eyes as she scraped her nails across the sensitive flesh.  So close the tips of their noses brushed, so close their breath mingled together, the heat of their gaze intensified as she smoothed her hand slowly down over his torso. 

In the faint, flickering light cast by the muted television, his eyes asked a million questions as her fingers traced the trail of hair that began below his navel and disappeared beneath the straining fly of his jeans.  Her hand covered the hardening bulge and she smiled as she squeezed him, reassuring him that she did indeed know what she was doing.  Or at the very least, what she wanted.


Her boldness surprised him as she unfastened his jeans, her questing fingers caressing him through the cotton of his boxers.  While this wasn’t the first time she’d ever touched him intimately, it was certainly the first time she’d been so straightforward about what she was after. 

Which led him to think that maybe she was doing this, whatever she was going to do, because of their earlier conversation.  He wondered whether she really wanted to touch him or if she was only doing so because she worried that he’d break up with her if she didn’t progress their physical relationship. 

When she lifted the waistband of his boxers, he used amounts of control he wasn’t aware he had and gently grabbed her wrist to still her.  Searching her eyes, he looked for doubts or uncertainty and found only desire.  She seemed to understand the reason he’d restrained her movements because her eyes smiled gently and then she kissed him.

Releasing her wrist and sliding his hand up her arm to her face, he responded to her kiss and let go of his worries and insecurities long enough to feel. 

Her tongue tangled lazily with his own as her hand worked to free his aching erection from the confines of his boxers.  Her fingers wrapped lightly around his cock and she slowly stroked the length of him, sweeping her thumb over the head.  She must have been aware that she was driving him crazy, because she giggled a little when he groaned and stroked him again even more slowly. 

She broke the kiss gently and he opened his eyes to see her watching his face as she gripped him a little tighter, using stronger strokes that made his hips buck slightly.  When she stopped to shift a little so that she could kneel between his thighs, leaning over him to drop a kiss on his lips before moving her mouth to his throat, he actually growled.  But their unspoken rule forbade him from encouraging her to hurry up.  They moved at her pace or not at all.

The giggled response would have been endearing if he hadn’t been reduced to a throbbing mass of tingling nerve-endings.  She pushed his t-shirt up with both hands and planted open-mouthed kisses along his chest, looking into his eyes when his breath hitched.  Lowering her lashes slowly, she delicately licked one of his nipples and then blew lightly on the damp skin before taking it in her mouth and sucking on it, a preview of what was to come.  For some inexplicable reason, patience was suddenly his.

Her hands roamed his body as she licked and nibbled at his other nipple before continuing on her downward journey.  His stomach tightened as she kissed and licked and sucked his skin, and a hiss escaped between his clenched teeth when her hand cupped his balls with a gentle grip.  The ends of her silken hair tickled the skin of his abdomen when she scooted farther down between his legs, and however incongrouous to the situation it might have been, he nearly laughed.

The funny left him altogether, however, when she licked the length of his cock from the base to the tip, tracing the vein with the tip of her tongue.  Following through on her unspoken promise, her tongue swept over the head and she literally blew him, her breath cool on the wet tip.  His hips raised involuntarily off the couch for a moment and her fingers gripped him as she met his eyes while the room was brightened by a commercial on the television. 

Their gaze was broken when the screen darkened with another commercial, the room plunged into darkness for a moment.  He felt the damp heat of her mouth envelop the head of his cock and it was all he could do to keep from thrusting down her throat. 

The light cast by the television flickered again and he saw and felt her take more and more of his length into her mouth, her fingers fisted around the base of his cock.  He threaded his fingers through her hair as she took him as far as she could and then sucked upward toward the tip. 

She rubbed the head with her tongue, using the tip to tease the tiny slit.  He nearly went insane, and then her lips wrapped around his cock and she slid her mouth down the length of him, taking him a little farther than she had on the last stroke.  Her hand gripped where her mouth couldn’t reach and her other hand splayed across his belly as she sucked his cock.

He felt the familiar tightening in his groin and he knew he was about to come, and he tugged gently on her hair to warn her.  The room had brightened considerably and he could clearly see her eyes when she looked up without missing a stroke.  Her hand tightened around him and he began to orgasm. 

Locked in the heat of her gaze, he came in her mouth in wave after spurting wave.  She swallowed as she continued to suck the head, her hand firmly stroking the shaft until he’d poured all he had into her.  Her movements slowed and she released him gently.

The tremors of orgasm were still passing through his body as Joey kissed her way back up to his mouth, resting on top of him.  She leaned to kiss his forehead and then pulled back to gaze into Pacey’s eyes, bringing her hand up to touch his face.  Her voice was soft, barely more than a whisper when she spoke.

“How could you not know?”


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