The Beginning Of The End
Chapter 6

by DeepBlueSea

Joey sat on the floor in front of her closet, sifting through her fall clothes and folding them into piles to be packed. Her hair was wrapped up in a towel from her shower and she pulled the fleecy material away from her ear as she thought she heard the sound of the telephone ringing. She waited a moment, holding her breath, and then stood up and walked to the door of her room.

“Bess?” She called out towards the kitchen. “Was that the phone?”

Bessie’s head popped around the corner. “No. Who are you expecting to call anyway?”

Joey shrugged her shoulders with a frown. “No one.” She said softly, turning to go back to her packing.

She had tried to call Pacey from work the night before and then again a couple of times that day, but there had been no answer and the machine had never picked up. She could only imagine what he must be thinking. She didn’t really know herself why she had overreacted so badly as to not even give him a chance to explain. Maybe it was just petty and childish jealousy at seeing him with another girl. Anger over thinking he was hiding something from her. Fear that he would have something to hide. Hurt that he was capable of that where she was concerned. She supposed that they all played a part in it to some extent. But above all else, she had just been sad. Sad to think it might be over. Whatever it was.

Now she just wanted to talk to him. She needed to talk to him. And she was terrified that he wasn’t going to want to talk to her.

Joey quickly pulled the towel off her head, rubbing it vigorously over her still damp hair. She tugged on a pair of jeans and grabbed a white tank top out of her bureau, her hands starting to tremble slightly. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to go see him.


“Joey…Hey.” Gretchen almost bumped into her as she stepped outside with boxes in her arms.

“Hi.” Joey gave her a small smile as she stood there fidgeting on the porch of the beach house. “Do you need some help?”

“Oh no, thanks. This is the last of it for today.” Gretchen bent over to place the boxes at her feet. “We’ve been doing this move gradually. Pacey helped me with all the big stuff last night.”

Joey smiled again and looked down quickly. “Is he, um, home?” She asked softly.

“No.” Gretchen shrugged, wrinkling her forehead. “I’m not sure where he is.”

Joey just nodded, glancing out at the dusk starting to settle over the harbor. She felt the tears sting unexpectedly in the corners of her eyes. It had taken her all day to work the courage up to come over here and her heart had been in her throat as she climbed the steps to knock on the door. Now the overwhelming disappointment at finding out she still wasn’t going to get to see him was almost more than she could handle in her already fragile state.

Gretchen watched her carefully, frowning slightly. “I have to get going, but you’re welcome to wait here for him if you want.” She hesitated. “I’m sure that, um, Pacey would want to see you.”

Joey looked at her, blinking rapidly to rid her eyes of tears. “I don’t know about that.” She replied with a sad laugh.

“Trust me on this one.” Gretchen smiled knowingly, rolling her eyes in amusement.

“Okay.” Joey replied uncertainly. “I think I might wait a while, if you don’t mind.”

Gretchen picked up her boxes again and stepped aside, motioning for Joey enter. “Make yourself at home. What’s left of it, that is. And anything you may find in the refrigerator is fair game at this point, so you’re welcome to it. Tell Pacey I’ll just be back sometime tomorrow for the rest of my stuff.”

“Thanks, Gretchen.” Joey gave her an appreciative look as she passed by her to go into the house.

Gretchen smiled and started to walk towards her car before she turned around again. “Oh, and Joey?” She came back to lean against the doorframe, balancing the boxes on her hip. “Whatever happened…if it’s something he did, do me a favor and go easy on him.”

Joey looked at her in surprise.

Gretchen’s face changed and softened as she lowered her voice. “Pacey knows how to put up a good front, but he’s had kind of a tough time of it. And, despite what he might lead people to believe, under all those bumbling mannerisms, stupid jokes and that cocky attitude, there is one big mushy puppy dog heart.” Gretchen smiled. “Just remember that.”

Joey shook her head regretfully. “But it was something I did.”

Gretchen pushed herself off the doorframe to leave. “Well, then you need to remember that even more.”


Pacey sighed as he stepped into the beach house, closing the door behind him slowly. It seemed that every time he came home now, more of the contents of the house would be gone.

He walked around Gretchen’s boxes and headed into the kitchen, opening the refrigerator. He stood there a moment, surveying the mostly empty shelves, before he turned away and shut the door. There were extra packing boxes that she had stacked on the kitchen table for him to use. He picked one up, flipping it around to look at it before he dropped it back onto the table. He certainly was in no mood to pack right now, as if that was something one could ever be in the mood to do.

He leaned against the kitchen counter, staring blankly at the floor. This whole year, when he had been figuring out where his future might take him, he never wanted to entertain the possibility of ending up anywhere near her. Watching her with Dawson had been one thing, but he had never even thought about what it would be like to see her move on to meet and fall in love with other guys out there who weren’t him. And even though he had given up on trying to actually get over her, he knew he would never let himself move on if he was around her.

But then, for some inexplicable reason, all these pieces started falling into place. Which, in his life, could only be described as a rare and extraordinary occurrence. Finding college courses he had actually wanted to take, Drue coming through with a place for him to live, random people offering him jobs. Then, to his utter amazement, the biggest piece of the puzzle dropped right into his lap. Well, so to speak.


He could still remember every detail, every second of that first kiss on the beach. The same went for the kisses that night when he was dropping her off at the B&B. Then, of course, there was every kiss, every touch after that. The possibility that she wanted to be with him still astounded him. To think that, after all this, when they should have been at point in their lives where, by all logical and reasonable standards, they would be going their separate ways, that they would pick this time to get together.

But, now, of course, it all made sense to him. It had all been part of one of the universe’s great practical jokes. To let him think that he might have a chance with her, to get those hopes up one last time, just to have them all dashed to bits. Then, for an added laugh, to stick him in close proximity to her so he could be reminded of everything he couldn’t have on a regular basis. His own personal hell. But, at least no boxes or moving vans would be required. He’d already been living there a while.

Pacey pushed himself off the counter, rubbing his hand over his hair as he walked to his bedroom. His windows looked out over the beach, and the moonlight that was reflected off the dark water poured into the room, lighting it partially. He stopped short when he saw her there on his bed, curled up near the headboard with an arm wrapped around his pillow.

He approached the bed slowly, sitting down on the edge as he reached over to glide his hand over her hair. He tenderly brushed it back off her face, watching her as he gently shook her awake.

“Jo? Joey?” He whispered.

She blinked her eyes open, looking momentarily confused as she squinted up at him. Then she sat upright, tucking her hair behind her ear in the way she always did when she was nervous.

“Hey.” She said softly, her voice slightly hoarse. “I must have fallen asleep. Gretchen told me I could wait and then it started getting late so…” She looked down and shrugged her shoulders as her voice trailed off.

“It is late.” Pacey glanced at the alarm clock next to his bed, avoiding her eyes. “Does Bessie know where you are?”

Joey shook her head slowly. “I’ve been trying to call you since yesterday. And I understand if you don’t want to talk to me right now, but I need you to know how sorry I am for how I acted...the things I said. I know the last thing you probably wanted was to come home and find me here but…”

“Finding you here is the best thing that happened to me all day.” Pacey cut in quietly, looking away from her.

”Can you forgive me, Pace?”

Pacey dropped his head a little, frowning as he tried to find the right words. “What you said, about it being different…” He sighed, closing his eyes briefly. “I’m not going to lie to you. There have been…a lot of girls. I can’t say I’m really that proud of the way I handled a lot of those situations. But what you said…” He looked up to meet her eyes finally, his voice husky. “It’s true. It is different with you, Jo. And I need you to know that. Whatever else you believe about me, I need you to believe that.”

She nodded her head, holding his gaze, but he could still see the uncertainty in her face.

Pacey sighed dejectedly, tearing his eyes from hers. “You should call Bessie.” He reached over to his nightstand to hand her the phone.

“Okay.” She said quietly, taking it from him.

Pacey leaned forward to rest his elbows on his knees, dropping his head in his hands to rub his eyes tiredly. There was so much more he wanted to say, to make her understand, but he didn’t know how. The thought that she would have the image in her mind of him being some kind of unfeeling womanizer was killing him. The worst part of it was realizing that there was nothing he could do about it. His actions over this past year spoke for themselves and he wasn’t about to try to make any feeble excuses or empty justifications. Not to her. He had more respect for her than that. So, if she didn’t want anything to do with him anymore, he couldn’t really say he blamed her.

The irony of the situation was that he’d never been with any of them without thinking of her, even though they had all been a part of his attempt to forget her.

“Bessie?” Joey spoke in hushed tones into the phone. “I know. I’m sorry. I’m at Pacey’s. Yeah. I fell asleep…um, watching a movie. I’m just going to stay here tonight. Okay. Bye.”

Pacey stopped rubbing his eye to quickly glance over at her, meeting her gaze as she hung up the phone.

“Is that okay?” She whispered, watching his face. “Can I stay here with you tonight, Pacey?”

“Yeah. Whatever you want, Jo.”


Joey slipped quietly back into Pacey’s room from the bathroom, smiling at him shyly as she tugged at the pair of his boxer shorts she had changed into, hanging low on her slender hips. He had been pulling his shirt off and her eyes were drawn to the rippling muscles in his stomach. She looked away quickly, slightly embarrassed.

She placed her folded clothes on his bureau, turning to look at him again and asking the question she wasn’t sure she wanted answered. “So…where, um…what did you do tonight?”

Pacey just looked at her as he reached into the pocket of his jeans, pulling out a thick wad of cash and holding it up for her to see.

Joey tilted her head and narrowed her eyes. “Darts?



Pacey shook his head with a small smile.

Joey nodded with a knowing grin. “Poker.”

“Yep.” Pacey chuckled, tossing the money onto his bureau as he walked over to stand next to her. “But, you don’t have to worry I conned some poor sap out of his weekly paycheck, because it was Drue. He can drink and he can play cards, but he certainly can’t do both at the same time.”

He turned to look down at her, his eyes drifting over her face, almost as if he were looking for something there. His gaze traveled lower and as it swept over her, Joey could feel her body respond just as if he were touching her. And finally he did, raising his hand to brush the back of it against her cheek.

Joey reached up to take his hand in hers, holding his gaze as she moved it to her lips. She guided his fingers, grazing them across her lower lip. His blue eyes burned into hers, the desire for her she saw there almost frightening her. Frightening her because she wasn’t sure that she could give him what he wanted, if she could be everything he needed. Her biggest concern regarding her lack of experience compared to his was that she wouldn’t be to measure up somehow. And that she wouldn’t be able to give to him every incredible thing he gave to her.

”Jo…” He started to speak and Joey shook her head slowly in response, stopping him.

She closed her eyes and pressed a kiss his index finger, gliding just the very tip of her tongue along it before sliding it into her mouth. She sucked on it gently, slowly opening her eyes again to meet his heated gaze. Pacey’s mouth fell open slightly as he watched her, his breathing becoming labored and shaky. She parted her lips so he could see as her tongue traced tiny slow circles on the pad of his finger.

Pacey pulled his hand away with a soft groan, grasping the back of her hair in his fist and immediately thrusting his tongue in her mouth as he kissed her with a passionate force that made her knees buckle. She reached up to wrap her arms around his shoulders to hold herself up, arching her back to press her body into his at the same time. She could feel him, hard as a rock, against her stomach, and she moaned softly into his mouth.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her at the sound of her moan, lifting her and carrying her the short distance to the bed without breaking the kiss. He deposited her on the mattress, pushing her gently down with his body. Holding himself up on his forearms above her, he moved his kisses to her neck. Joey’s hands traveled up and down his sides, over the muscles in his back and then around to his chest, wanting to feel all of him at once.

Pacey’s hand moved from her waist as he slowly let it trail up her body, under the thin cotton material of her tank top. He reached her breast and caressed it gently with his palm before brushing his thumb over her nipple, slowly circling the peaked nub. Joey gasped, and then her sigh dissolved into a moan as he pushed her shirt up out of the way and covered her with his mouth. She dug her fingers into his back, arching up and silently begging him for more. He pulled her shirt over her head, tossing it aside before he moved back to suck on the rosy bud, hesitating just briefly to let his gaze take in her body.

His open mouthed kisses slowly traveled lower, across her stomach, and Joey reached her hand down to thread her fingers through his hair. He brushed his tongue along the warm skin along the waistband of her boxers before raising up to look at her face. Joey caught her breath, letting it out in a moan, as he reached down to stroke her through the material. He watched her, looking for her to tell him to proceed. She lifted up on her elbows, holding his gaze, and then began to push the shorts off herself. Pacey helped to guide them off her long legs, his fingers trailing along her smooth skin.

Joey felt the flush of heat spread from her chest up to her cheeks as Pacey looked at her, naked on the bed before him. He raised his eyes finally to meet hers and she almost gasped at the intensity of his gaze, the undisguised raw desire for her. He reached up to briefly touch her cheek, and then his eyes followed the path of his hand as he glided it slowly down her neck, over her breast, the tips of his fingers traveling across her stomach until he reached the dark patch of hair between her legs. He looked up to watch her face again as he slid his finger along her, gliding over her clit. Joey’s eyes fluttered closed as her head fell back on the bed.

He continued to stroke her and then she couldn’t feel anything for a moment. Suddenly his tongue was on her, rubbing across her tight entrance before slowly sliding inside her. Joey cried out as he moved up to suck gently on her clit, the intensity of the sensation almost overwhelming. She reached down for his shoulders, grasping at them and urging him back up to her with desperate moans.

“Now, Pacey. I need you inside me. Now.” She gasped into his ear as he moved his body up to kiss her neck, gripping his shoulders and arching her hips up to press herself against his erection through the rough material of his jeans.

Pacey sat up, quickly undoing his zipper and pushing them down around his hip before he reached around to pull his wallet out of his back pocket. Joey swallowed, watching him take out a condom and feeling the nervous anticipation beginning to pool in her lower stomach. He stood back to drop his jeans to the floor and Joey sat up, her eyes fixed on him. She leaned forward, taking his erection in her hand and wrapping her fingers around his width as she slid her tongue along the tip, tasting him. Pacey groaned from deep in his throat and it came out sounding more like a growl. He slid his fingers through the silky strands of her hair as she ran her tongue along his length and then took him in her mouth. Finally he gripped her shoulder to stop her.

Joey looked up at him and he smiled slowly and shook his head. Leaning down to kiss her, gently at first, he guided her back down to the bed as he rolled on the condom. The kiss escalated in passion as he adjusted her underneath him and positioned himself between her legs, running his hand from her breast, over her hip and along her thigh and back up her body again. His tongue swirled around hers, swallowing her moans as he slowly ground his erection against her clit, and then she felt the tip of his cock at her entrance. Joey dug her fingers into his back, her hips instinctively arching up off the mattress as her eyes closed.

“Joey…” Pacey whispered as he broke away from the kiss and lifted himself up on his forearms. “Look at me.” She slowly opened her eyes to meet his as he slid inside her, holding his gaze as he pushed deeper.

Joey gasped and moaned as she felt him fill her, stretching her, and he stopped, allowing her to adjust to the feel of him as he bowed his head to kiss her softly. He slid his hand underneath her, over the curve of her ass to lift her off the bed slightly and hold her to him as he began slowly moving inside her, as if he wanted to be as close to her body as possible. Her slick walls clenched down around him as his short, deep strokes immediately started pushing her towards the edge. Joey groaned, digging her nails into his back as she wrapped her legs around him, wanting to prolong the sweet torture, not wanting the moment to be over too soon.

Pacey continued his thrusts, rocking his hips as he held her body tightly against his so that he was grinding against her with every movement. He shifted his position just slightly, and Joey bit down on his shoulder with a moan when she felt him pushing even deeper inside her. She couldn’t hold on anymore, feeling her orgasm throb from the very core of her body, spreading out to travel down her arms and legs to the tips of her fingers and toes. She cried out, her body shaking as she wrapped her arms tightly around his shoulders, burying her face in his neck.

She was barely aware of her surroundings when she was finally able to drag her lips to his mouth to kiss him. Their tongues lazily slid against each other and she groaned into the kiss as she felt his hips begin to move against hers again. He raised himself up on his arms again and the feel of him inside her changed as he pulled almost all the way out and pushed deep inside her with long, powerful thrusts. Joey bit down on her lower lip, rocking her hips back against his with a renewed urgency.

She reached up to touch his face and Pacey turned slightly to kiss her wrist before he dropped his head with a husky sigh. As he felt her meet his every stroke, he increased the speed and the force of his thrusts. Joey gasped, almost in surprise, as she felt the tension building inside her again and she whispered his name.

Her voice seemed to trigger something as his body shuddered above her, and he lowered himself on his arms with a heavy groan. He continued to thrust inside her, pulsing against her, his tongue sliding against hers as he kissed her slowly and languorously. Reaching his hand down between their joined bodies, he gently stroked her, coaxing her to her release, and Joey moaned his name into the kiss as she came for the second time.

He lay on top of her for a brief moment when their movements finally slowed to a stop, and she could feel his heart beating against his chest, the pounding rhythm matching her own. He rolled away, sitting up off to the side of the bed to quickly dispose of the condom, before coming back to wrap his arms around her and pull her into him. Joey smiled sleepily, resting her head against his chest. He leaned down to press a kiss to her forehead.

“Are you okay?” He asked softly after a moment of silence fell over them.

“Um, yeah…very.” Joey couldn’t help but giggle against his chest, looking up at him with a smile.

A sexy grin spread over Pacey’s face as he raised an eyebrow suggestively. “Oh, so you liked that, did you?”

Joey giggled again, rolling her eyes. “Now, how do I answer that one without ever hearing the end of it, Pace?”

He smiled, looking up at the ceiling and shrugged. “Well, I liked it.” He paused for emphasis. “A lot.”

Joey grinned and raised herself up on her elbow to look at him. He returned his gaze to her face and she was about to make a joke but was caught off guard by the look in his eyes. She couldn’t really describe it, but it wasn’t what she was expecting to see there. He lifted his hand to brush it tenderly against her cheek and smiled, leaning over to kiss her gently. Joey just smiled against his lips and didn’t say anything as she kissed him back.


”Witter, I haven’t seen you around all week.” Drue approached Pacey where he was leaning against the deserted reception desk in the lobby of the Yacht Club. “What have you been up to? Please tell me it’s no good.”

Pacey chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know what to tell you, Drue. I’ve been right here.”

“Ah. Still offering your services to this season’s crop of summering debutantes looking to rebel against the strict constraints of their aristocratic breeding and taint all that blue blood by screwing the help?”

Pacey shook his head with a smirk, looking away as he drummed his fingers along the edge of the desk.

”Well, I don’t know what you’ve been up to, but we have had complaints of people sneaking into the pool late night this week and playing their own special version of Marco Polo, if you know what I mean. So now I have to go put extra locks on the gate.” Drue grumbled as he walked behind the desk to look through the drawers.

Pacey had started to whistle in tempo with the beat of his fingers and hesitated slightly before he resumed his tapping.

Drue looked at him, raising an eyebrow. “Okay. Really, what’s up with you?”

“Huh?” Pacey glanced at him quickly. “Nothing? Why?”

“You seem much too…happy.” Drue frowned in confusion. “You’re not working that dark and brooding thing the chicks seem to go for.”

Pacey shook his head, rolling his eyes.

A group of waitresses emerged from the kitchen, laughing and talking. “Joey said she’d be right out, Pacey.” One of the girls called to him as they passed by on their way to the front doors.

“Okay, thanks.” Pacey replied quietly with a small smile.

Drue was staring at him now, his eye widening. “Wait a minute. Is that it? Did you finally succeed, Witter? The holy grail?” He dropped his head, shaking it as he laughed. “Man, if you weren’t my hero before…”

“Drue, you have no idea what you are talking about.” Pacey muttered.

Joey pushed through the kitchen doors at that moment, smiling at them as she reached behind her back to untie her apron.

“That’s it.” She took the apron off and tossed it at Drue. “My last shift. I am done with this place.”

Drue smirked at her as he caught the apron in his hand. “You’ll come crawling back next summer. They all do.”

Joey made a face at him, turning to smile at Pacey. “Ready?”

“After you.” Pacey nodded, motioning towards the door.

“Well, wait.” Drue called out as they started to walk away. “What are you two doing? I can pinch a couple of bottles of some ridiculously expensive booze from the bar and we can celebrate the end of your food service career, Potter.”

“I actually have to get home and finish packing.” Joey turned back to look at him with a shrug. “Those of us commoners who have to live in the dorms are moving in this weekend.”

”And, let me guess.” Drue nodded his head and raised his eyebrows as he spoke slowly. “Pacey is helping you pack.”

“Good-bye, Drue.”

Pacey held open the door for Joey as they exited the building and glanced at her with a grin as they crossed the dark and quiet front lawn of the Yacht Club on their way towards his truck parked in the marina. “I’m really starting to have a hard time believing that I’m going to be living with that guy in a week.”

“I can’t say I envy you there, Pace.” She laughed, pulling the elastic out of her long hair and shaking it out as it spilled over her shoulders.

When they reached his truck, Pacey opened the passenger door for her, giving her a hand up into her seat, before he walked around to get in on his side. He placed the keys in the ignition, glancing out his window at the empty boat yard barely lit from the sliver of moonlight in the black night sky, before turning to look at her and smile.

“Hey.” He said softly.

“Hey.” Joey smiled as well, leaning over to kiss him slowly, her lips lingering against his.

Pacey reached up to bury his hand in the back of her hair, sliding his tongue into her mouth as the kiss deepened. He explored her mouth, seeking out all the places he knew so well by now, the soft, slow strokes of his tongue meeting hers.

He didn’t know if he pulled her over or she moved on her own, but suddenly she was on his lap, straddling him as her knees pressed into the seat upholstery, rocking her hips forward against his hardening erection. He moved his hot, open-mouthed kisses to her neck, slowly running his hands up the backs of her tanned thighs and cupping her ass to pull her in harder against him as he arched his hips up to meet her. Joey gripped his shoulders and lifted her body up slightly with a sweet sigh as he trailed his kisses even lower, nudging her blouse out of the way as he ran his tongue along the top of her breast, traveling along the edge of her bra.

Joey leaned back to look at him as he continued to run his hands up her thighs, sliding the tips of his fingers a little further underneath her panties each time he reached the lacy edge. He held her gaze as she unbuttoned her blouse, his eyes finally drifting down to watch as she slowly undid the front clasp on her bra. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders with a moan, playing with the short hair on the back of his neck, as he closed his mouth over her breast, sucking on her before teasing her as he bit down gently on the peaked nub.

Pacey squeezed the soft flesh of her ass, pulling her in roughly against him again before moving his hand around to gently stroke her through her panties. He edged the fabric out of the way to touch her, gliding his finger along her wetness as he groaned under his breath. Raising his eyes to watch her face, he slid a finger inside her and her whole body seemed to tremble as she closed her eyes and bit down on her full bottom lip. He began to stroke her slowly, sliding another finger inside her.

“Oh…” He heard her catch her breath and let it out in a soft moan as she dropped her head to rest it against his shoulder. She reached down, fumbling with the zipper on his khaki shorts until she had them undone and slid her hand in to wrap it around his erection. He sighed as her long, cool fingers slid along his heated shaft. She stroked his length just once before guiding his cock towards her tight entrance, pushing his hand away.

“Jo…” He whispered in her ear, his voice low and urgent. “Wait.” He moved his hands to her waist to lift her up so he could pull a condom from the wallet in his back pocket.

She shook her head, rocking her hips back down towards him. “No. It’s okay…I’m still on the pill.” She mumbled against his lips as she leaned down to kiss him. “I want to feel you, Pacey.” She whispered.

Pacey closed his eyes, groaning softly into the kiss at her words and the thought of being inside her with no barriers, refusing to think about the fact the word “still” meant from when she was with Dawson. He pushed his shorts down further and quickly glided his hands up under her skirt to rip the flimsy material of her panties off her body, her surprised gasp turning into a long moan as he pulled her onto his cock, thrusting up inside her as deep as he could go. He paused for just a second, almost overwhelmed by the feel of her, and then gripped her waist as he began to rock his hips up into her.

Joey dug her fingers into his shoulders, thrusting down on him, slowly at first as she took in as much of him as possible, gradually increasing her speed. Pacey swallowed a breath, his shallow panting turning into soft grunts, as their movements took on almost a level of desperation, both of them needing more, as if he could never go deep enough or hard enough. He looked up to see Joey reach a hand above her, pressing her palm against the ceiling of the truck to give herself leverage as her head titled back and her own short gasps turned into breathy cries, riding him as his thrusts reached a furious pace.

Her felt her inner muscles clench down tightly around him as she came with a muffled scream, biting down so hard on her lower lip that she almost drew blood. He buried his head in her chest, losing himself inside her as his hips arched up off the seat.

He leaned his head back, out of breath, and Joey collapsed on his chest, still trembling with aftershocks. His arms were wrapped around her and after a moment she shifted on his lap. Pacey moved to drop his arms, thinking she was climbing off him, but instead she snuggled in closer and kissed his neck, her lips lingering against his skin.

“We should get out of here, Jo.” He reached up to stroke the back of her hair, glancing over his shoulder at the Yacht Club in the distance, knowing she would be mortified to be caught in a compromising position here, of all places. The pool incident the night before had been a close enough call.

“One more minute…” She sighed contentedly, making no attempt to move away.

Pacey closed his eyes, bowing his head to find her lips with a soft kiss. She’d be leaving for Boston in two days, and he’d be following right behind her next week. Everything in their lives would be changing.

Just when all he wanted was for them to stay the same.

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